Sunday, 25 September 2011

Do they really care

Another abysmal performance by Blackburn yesterday which saw Rovers drop back into the bottom three. The false dawn of a victory over Arsenal last week has seen Steve Kean go on a media frenzy appearing on the radio and TV as he lapped up Rovers first Victory of the season in the league. I was half expecting to see a picture of Steve Kean on the Milk which was delivered yesterday in recognition of his 4-3 Victory over a shakey Gunners.

The victory was welcomed by all supporters and even had many changing their opinion of the great one. I listened to caller after caller on talk shows ringing to congratulate Steve Kean on the marvelous job he has done in turning a top 10 team into relegation favourites in just 10 months. Whilst on the TV his constant licking of his lips like a cat got the cream he purred with confidence as he spoke about the idiotic 1% of fans who wanted him out. I was amazed by the statistic, but as only 700 Marched last Saturday, I had no defence to the statistics Steve was playing. Nothing to throw back him to suggest that figure false, only a few online polls, and tweets from people wanting him gone.

He ridiculed the Rovers supporters who marched whilst alienating them as the 1% who did not get behind him and the team. I'm proud that I marched shoulder to shoulder with all the individuals who met with me at on a cold wet Saturday morning. Age, Race religion proved no barrier for us as we united as one to stand up and fight for the future of our club. I had never been to a protest before and did not know what quite to suspect, However what I saw was faces of desperation, passion and a group of people who was willing to do anything just to be heard.

Leading upto the March and after the March the fans who turned up have had insults thrown at them, been laughed at, been called an embarrasement to the club and supporters, and I have also had insults thrown my way on message boards and though my twitter account. We was told we have egg on our faces and should drift away into the night and never raise our pathetic voices again.

One week on and now the calls for the Managers removal are getting louder, What can we do as supporters? Every idea is shot down by a section of the supporters, yet they offer no other solution. Do we just take it on the chin? Do we let Venkys and Steve Kean take us so far down that we once again become that club which was struggling in the lower divisions before Jack Walker came along. I remember those days, because I was one of those fans who went on the games when we had nothing, Do I want to see Jacks Legacy finally ended by people who have no real concern for the club?
As fans we will always be here, Players, Managers ect can find new clubs. Owners can take their ball home and sell up, But until the day I die I will always bleed blue and white. There is no getting away from it, No changing of colours, No quick fix. Fans are the football team, and if we stand together we can achieve great things.

There is only so far down this ladder we can go before we hit rock bottom, Do we want to stand around and let that happen? As supporters of the club you can either approach this as, What will be will be, Or you can be pro-active and fight for it. Surely our club is worth fighting for? If you don't think it is then maybe we have already lost the battle, Maybe I'm just too passionate about my club, and others don't share the same hurt and pain.

All I do know is I will never stop fighting for something I believe in and although my voice may not be heard i'd rather try and fail, than not bother trying at all!!


  1. I certainly owe you no offense, and generally I think you're right about Kean. However, your blog is inaccurate in many areas so that does you no favours. The most conservative estimate put the numbers in the march at 200, and the best estimate in the media was 250-300. Kean did not at any point belittle those who marched, in fact quite the contrary - he suggested that it is their right to air their views and stated that he was very grateful that they sensibly got behind the team for the game and that they like the rest of the fans were fantastic in their support.

    You seem to really vilify Kean - and as much as I think he's a bad manager I think that vilifying him is uncalled for and not fair. He comes across as a very decent (if at times deluded) person, and he is also obviously on very good terms with the players (although this may be changing if Saturday's performance is anything to go by).

    In short, I think you would be better sticking to facts and acknowledging the good things he has done but at the same time explaining that all those good things will go to waste if he remains in charge as tactically he is not good enough, and his closeness with the players means he's also not hard enough on them in training - they're unfit and not well enough drilled.

  2. Whilst I mean no offence Phla, you sir, are a cracking example of why ony 700, yes 700 (it may have started as 200-250 but police actually confirmed it peaked at around the 700 mark, maybe the police can't count though like "our Steve!")

    You keep sipping from the Kean Kool Aid. Try reading some of the previous blogs Glen has done if you want to truly understand the cancer this man is and has become at Rovers.

    No doubt that he can handle the media with aplomb and plays that game very well but behind the veil is a different story!

    Either way for footballing or otherwise reasons Kean needs to go YESTERDAY!

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