Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Press playing the numbers game

This summer transfer window is the strangest one that I can ever remember. The press seem to pull another name out of the hat on a daily basis to whom they think Rovers may be chasing, So far many of the names that have been mentioned have been a million miles wide of the mark.

If a player appears available then straight away he is linked to Rovers and its getting quite annoying, and is what I like to call "Lazy Journalism". Everyone likes to hear Rovers are chasing this player or are chasing that player, but that jubilation soon turns to despair as the rumour mill goes into overdrive and very few stories have any real substance in them.

Behind the scenes Rovers have been careful to keep their dealings away from the press, Some quarters of the press would have you believe that all is not well at Blackburn and no-one is making any decisions, Their evidence of this is simply they are not been told anything, However if you look at the facts, ever since Venky's took control of Blackburn they have been given a torrid time by the red tops.Whilst contract clauses ect have also appeared in the press which has helped engineer moves for players away from Ewood. Put yourself in Venky's shoes, Would you trust the press and risk letting the cat out of the bag so you find yourself in an auction for a target?

July 1st is when the business end of transfers commence, Players from oversea clubs are not eligible to join another club officially until that date. I have read the message boards and it appears that the press have inflicted widespread panic amongst Rovers fans. You need to remember many players are away on Holiday whilst others have had International commitments.

Signings are far closer to being done than the press would have you believe, The truth is, they don't know and need to sell papers, so many of the stories are fabricated in hope that they strike it lucky with a name so they can say a few weeks down the line that they brought you the news first.

I plead with all Rovers fans to keep the faith, and go with the flow, good things come to those who wait,

I'm getting tired of reading "I wouldn't pay that for him" or "He is not worth that" or "we should buy this one"

We have the largest transfer budget in the history of the club and the club intends to get value for money by bringing players in who can hit the ground running. They want to bring players both for the short term and the long term, but most importantly that are ready for the challenge which is the Premiership come August.

A senior source at the club has shared many things with me over the last few weeks which should give us all optimism for the future and due to the nature of the source I have to remain quiet at this point to the content of those discussions, However what I will say is take things with a pinch of salt what you are reading in the press or on message boards with quotes from the press, or it will just drive you crazy.