Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rover and OUT!

After months of broken promises and more drama's than a best selling Novel, Its very worrying times for everyone supporter of Blackburn Rovers.

Venkys since taking over have promised the World but to date have failed to deliver on those promises.

The National press have gone to town in breaking revelations over the last few weeks,  Rovers being in financial difficulty with the Banks, In house fall outs, Rovers inability to make any meaningful moves into the transfer market. More and more individuals leaving the club from the back room staff and Board and also a lot of rumours of players unrest.

Our Local Paper on the other hand has broken very little news and seems incapable of either asking the right questions or incapable of asking the right people.
As the local paper which many Rovers fans rely on to break the news especially those with no Internet its been a very poor showing and I'm afraid they should hang their head in shame.

There is very little point in writing a weekly blog in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph stating what fans are worried about if the reporter has not got the balls to ask the question, Maybe this is why he is still working as a local reporter and has not been given an opportunity at a more prestigious level.

Since the end of last season three players have returned to their parent clubs after being on Loan at Rovers, We have sold our best player and other players have either exited or are close to exiting.
Even today Niko Kalinic's agent has spoke of his disgust that Rovers have been unwilling to talk to the £6 Million star who has not flown out with the rest of the squad for their Asia Cup tour.

What are Venkys playing at?

Is this really the asset strip that so many fans predicted months ago?

Have they been stringing everyone along including the remaining members of the board?

Is there anyone left at Rovers we can honestly trust?

Whatever any one's stance is on Venky's no-one can disagree that we are in a lot weaker position now than we where before they bought the club.

 We don't appear to have any direction or any plan

We have a rookie Manager in Steve Kean which targets appear to be avoiding with the plague with even one Premiership player stating "He would rather retire than play for Kean". He should never have been appointed and he has to shoulder some of the responsibility.

The clubs owners know nothing about football, or the way it works or indeed how to negotiate with other clubs and agents for new players.

Has Blackburn Rovers really been bought with the best intentions or has Venkys bought us to market Chickens Worldwide?. After speaking to a few people who live in India their general feeling is the latter which spells further trouble for us.

How can this all be put right?

Get rid of the Manager, Bring in a Manager who has worldwide respect of players and the press alike,

Show us the money, We need at least four new players and not something you'd buy from Trotters Independent Traders.

Employ someone who can answer questions and not feed us Porky's after all you sell chickens not pigs!

If you have got it wrong, hold your hands up and find a buyer for the club before we disappear down the shoot like Wimbledon.

We don't need your lies, and false press releases, we want facts, and we shouldn't have to be going undercover to get them.

We are now sick of waiting for good news and actions speak louder than words
Venkys need to come to the party and if they don't I'm afraid that final nail may already be in the coffin, and Rovers position may just be irretrievable