Friday, 8 July 2011

Very difficult to remain patient?

So far this summer its been one of the most interesting ever in terms of teams strengthening, unfortunately all the hype and excitement has been happening at other Premiership clubs and NOT Blackburn.

Add into the mix a certain website who likes to portray they have very close links with Blackburn Rovers and Venky's PR Machine - They have started a rumour on their message boards that Venky's have had enough and now wish to sell the club, They claim to have got this information from a very reliable source who has always been on the money for them in the past. They also say that they debated long and hard before putting the rumour on their site, However bar the site in question no-one else has touched the story, That includes other Rovers site's, The National press, or even sites which are renowned for making fairy tale stories.

The big problem with Rumours is they spiral out of control and any type of mud which can be thrown at it makes it spiral out of control, However is there any meat being put on the bone to support such claims?

I looked into this story myself and asked the question to the sources I use for getting information for Vital Blackburn and the answer was simple, Venky's are still very focused in taking this project to another level, They have organised a trip for the squad to Pune in a couple of weeks as they wish to introduce their new venture to the people of India. The family have a long term vision, although certain things have been an eye opener for them, due to no prior Knowledge of running a football club, They are not the type of people who run at the first sign of disappointment. They bought the club for cash and not borrowed money like so many other takeovers. Any money generated from sales included the Phil Jones money will be made immediately available to the manager for new players in addition to the budget which was already set a side.

There is a wide spread opinion that their inability to communicate with the fans is causing real problems, The clubs official website appears to be running very few stories despite taking hard earned cash for subscriptions, whilst season ticket sales have been very slow as many fans refuse to commit for the new season until all these questions are answered.

So are things really this bad and has optimism turned to despair?

Its easy to get frustrated when you see one of your best players sold to Manchester United whilst other clubs appear to be buying new blood ahead of the new season. The truth is Rovers did all they could to get Phil Jones to stay at Blackburn, but his mind was made up, He wanted to join a club who could challenge for Trophies now instead of  years down the line. Would he of stayed had Big Sam still been in charge and we was under a different Administration? I very much doubt it, One thing which has always happened at Rovers is our better players have always jumped ship when a Bigger club has come calling, and this is mirror imaged at other clubs in our position up and down the Country.

If we look closely at the clubs who have actually bought players its mainly Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City who have been spending big, However these are clubs who have aspirations to win the league THIS season, of the other clubs Sunderland and Newcastle appear to be adding to their squads every other day, but have they really bought anyone who would wet the appetite had Rovers signed them instead?

Rovers hunt for players has hit somewhat of a brick wall in recent weeks, Clubs and Agents are asking the World for Players on their books, and although we all want to see new players being unveiled on a daily basis we can ill afford to jump in with two feet and buy the wrong player at an inflated price.

We have had reports that Rovers have anything between £5 Million and £50 Million to spend this summer on improving the squad and depending on what sources you believe this could include the wages/signing on fee's. Rovers have been linked with over 50 players in the press whilst there is targets which have not even hit the press rumour mill yet.

One player who looks certain to join Blackburn is C├ędric Mongongu. The 22 year old Congo DR international has become available due to Monaco's relegation to the second tier of French football and will join for a fee in the region of £2.3 Million. The young Congolese defender's career has been monitored by some of Europe's elite clubs since his breakthrough into the first team at Monaco at the age of 20 and he has gone on to make other 70 appearances over the last couple of seasons. Those clubs include AC Millan, Juventus and Arsenal and this could prove very shrewd business for Rovers. The player has not suddenly come onto Rovers radar and he has been watched and monitored for many months, Rovers in fact made contact with the players representatives weeks ago when negotiations over a deal was put on the table, Mongongu will be the first of many new players which are expected to come through the door next week.

My stance has always been the same, Judge Venky's when the Transfer window closes at the end of August, They must be given at least this time to prove if they are Buyers or Liars, If September 1st 2011 comes and they have not fulfilled their promises then that is the time to ask the questions and have a full scale inquest, Unitil then I will remain with a glass half full mentality and remain hopeful that this window will be our best ever!