Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Latter Day Kean

My Blog has always been a place where I put my views and report on things as I see it, However after going through the forum posts on BRFCS today I came across a very interesting post that made me chuckle, which had been wrote with humour and was representative of how fans can change their minds. It's will publicised I organised the Protest March on Saturday for the removal of Steve Kean as Blackburn Rovers due to his poor points to game ratio, but this post has been done by someone who supported the Kean out campaign
PERTHBLUE02 : A BRFCS site member

After recently finding out I'm not a supporter of BRFC firstly because I didn't support Kean and now finding out that Venky's see supporters as UK based season ticket holders only (I do have a season ticket now at Perth Glory does that count? wouldn't class myself as a Glory supporter though ) despite attending games since I was 6 -1972 until I moved away 2008 and a couple when I could get back home) I have now seen the wrong of my ways and become a disciple in the Church of latter day Kean, let me tell you my story

Kean 3.16

On the Seventeenth day of the ninth month in the  year 2011 (Old Calendar system, please refer to the Keanian calendar currently year 0 day 20, but is reset often to year 0 day 0) a miracle occurred which brought new followers and myself to the church of Latter day Kean

At Ewood Park now renamed the Temple of  Sacred Miracle of the Saviour and witnessed by 700 (1%) non believers and 63,300 (99%) believers and a worldwide audience via television the great one Kean turned a run of the mill football team into an ensemble of Brazillianeseque proportions and only after two  games into his reign which now sees us lead the official table and not the one run by dark forces of evil the premier league which says we have played 4 games but as we now know it is only 2 games played ever under the Lord Kean..

As a non believer I viewed and was not convinced until I watched the lord saviour's after match sermon and coming on this message board  his flock inspired by the miracle and sermon  had grown in numbers and convinced me it was only the year zero day 17 of our Lord Kean's reign, previously an impostor tainted by the anti Christ allardyceabob has been parading as the lord.

It was this impostor that had lied and bluffed his way through the previous 8 months (old year system) and forced the true lord to take the devils brew whilst breaking the law. But the Lord Kean helped by the Guardian Angel Anderson overcame the impostor and increased the funds to fight evil and rid the team of allardyebob and now it is told that Lord Kean is sending his own army, his team (except Robinson, Salgado, Olsson, Samba, Givet, Nelsen , Dunn, Grella , Pedersen, Bunn, N'Zonzi, Hoilett, Roberts etc) onto the battlefield and the new world begins

The non believers were berated by the growing believers , but yet the non believers remain.

The Lord Kean's most dedicated followers from the Temple of the Chicken in India are now welcoming only true followers of the 136 year old institution  to train and send back to spread the Lords word. Would be missionaries will be bestowed gifts and  allowed to question the Venkian order of the Chicken Temple  regarding the warmth of pies and the fizziness of soft drinks in match day kiosks , before being granted a mass meeting with the Lord Kean who will work his hypnotic charm so that they can spread the word of unicorns, fluffy clouds, brilliant rainbows and European football

Excuse any typos I am currently sending this via my phone whilst going through my Baptism into the Lord of our Kean cult which involves shaving my head after drinking two glasses of red wine and a bottle of Budweiser (which i left unattended as instructed) and driving down the motorway at 90mph whilst on my mobile.

Praise The Kean

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